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Teacher, student, programmer, scout leader, aikidoka.
Named for the Monty Python character.
Mostly harmless.

My name is Brian, and this is my blog. Welcome! I’m a lecturer at the Utrecht University of Applied Science, working for the institute of ICT. Here I teach courses in computer engineering and applied AI. I specialise in logic and functional programming, and I am also working to get my masters degree in AI.

On this site, I plan to write about what interests me: math, logic, (functional) programming, (natural) language, and probably more.

Just the facts

Name Brian van der Bijl (/ˈbɹaɪən vɑn dɛr bɛi̯l/)
Pronouns They/them (die/diens)
Nationality Dutch
Location Utrecht, Netherlands
Programming Haskell, Agda, Idris, Rust, Clojure, Ruby, Smalltalk, Prolog, LaTeX
Aikido 五級 (fifth kyu), 三心会 (Sanshinkai Aikido)
Colour Purple

About this Site

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— Brian van der Bijl